Compliance Protection Plan (CPP)


After 32 years of OSHA
required hearing testing:

  • Employees continue to
    lose hearing.
  • Employers continue to
    have liabilities of:
    - Recordable hearing loss
    at unacceptable rates
    - Worker's compensation
    claims and payouts
    - Other hearing loss

From the start, both industry
and mobile testing providers
focused on testing employee
hearing and reporting on the
number of STS's and Recordables.
This focus simply documented
decreasing hearing and
increased company liability. . .
In short, hearing testing alone
increases company liability.


Our CPP Plan will:

  • Assure OSHA compliance
  • Eliminate or substantially reduce OSHA recordables
  • Protect against worker's compensation payouts
  • Highlight and defend other hearing loss liabilities

The standard CPP includes:

  • Annual Hearing Testing*
  • Follow-up hearing testing with tympanometry
  • Annual noise monitoring (dosimetry) of all plant areas
  • Management reports on:
    - Noise levels (8 hour Time Weighted Average)
    - Hearing testing (including follow-up)
    - Worker's compensation liability
    - Audiological review of recordables
  • Mid-year on-site consultation with management

CAA's audiologist monitors the client's overall Hearing Conservation Program (HCP). This relieves the safety manager of the detailed responsibility and burden of the HCP. CAA can thus assure solid compliance for OSHA, worker's compensation and other liabilities.

*CPP services are also available when annual employee testing is conducted by providers other than CAA.

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