Vision Testing




Unfortunately, many employers are unaware of a gradual decrease in certain visual abilities of their employees

Physical fatigue, reduced productivity, and increased error rates are frequently the result of vision problems. 


Our Vision Testing Service

Vision testing is conducted on-site at your company. A summary report is provided with explanations and definitions of the various tests.


Vision Testing Protocol

Test equipment can be set up in essentially any area that is easily accessible to employees. Vision tests are confidential between the employee and tester even when others are  present. This permits testing in open office areas. The standard test battery takes approximately 10 minutes per individual, including the initial paper work.

The test battery includes:

  • Far (distance) vision acuity – Right and Left
  • Stereo depth perception
  • Color discrimination
  • Vertical phoria (lazy eye test) - Far
  • Lateral phoria (cross eye test) - Far
  • Near (close-up) vision acuity – Right and Left
  • Lateral phoria (cross eye test)  - Near

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