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training session

Hearing Conservation Training (OSHA Required Annually)

Employees find it hard to believe that noise destroys hearing. By providing live, polished presentations (PowerPoint, overheads, etc) we maintain interest in this otherwise boring topic.

At the end of each year, we create a new program theme for next year’s trainings (i.e. noise at home, recreational noise, ear diseases, communication in noise, etc.) to maintain interest.

Our power point  presentations are tailored to your particular setting and time constraints.


respirator training

Respirator Protection Training (OSHA Required Annually)

A thorough understanding of proper respirator use and care is critical for the  safety and health of employees  who use respirators. Our on-site respirator training involves both video demonstrations and hands-on experience supervised by our certified technicians.    

Our respirator training includes the following:

      • Respirator use in various breathing environments
      • Self test procedures
      • Visual inspection of the respirator’s condition
      • Care and hygiene of the respirator
      • Hands on use by the employee
      • Opportunity for questions
      • A brief quiz by the trainer to ensure adequate knowledge



Hearing Conservation Seminar

Each year CAA The Hearing Place conducts a FREE information up-date seminar for industry representatives. This full day course primarily focuses on Hearing Conservation issues as they relate to OSHA compliance and workers compensation. We also devote some time to respirator use and safety and OSHA fit-testing requirements.

The course is held in the fall or spring of the year. Contact us for more information.