Respirator Safety



Respirator Protection Program (OSHA Required Annually)

"Ventura did a great job!"
- Charles Taubman, Daubert Chemical

" Ventura is very professional. I would like him as our person in the future."
- Betty Axcelsen, Industrial Hardchrom

“CAA-The Hearing Place has made my management of two very important safety programs, hearing conservation and respiratory protection, extremely easy and worry-free. The staff is very personable, professional and well versed regarding these topics. And customer service…..impeccable. Thank you CAA!”
- Don Black, Safety Manager, Panduit Corporation, Chicago area plants

OSHA requires that workers wear a respirator in various hazardous breathing environments. Our respirator safety program includes:

Spirometry testing
Respirator fit testing
Employee training

Records are reviewed by a Professional Licensed Health Care Provider with respect to the employee’s medical ability to wear and be certified to use a respirator in the work place.

The testing and training components of the program are conducted on-site in the client’s facility.  Two separate rooms are required for the spirometry and the respirator-fit testing.

Spirometry, a test of lung function which measures flow rate and capacity, is the best method of early detection of pulmonary (lung) problems. It creates a strong defense posture for the company with respect to including, limiting or prohibiting respirator use.

A thorough understanding of proper respirator use and care is critical for the  safety and health of employees  who use respirators. Our on-site respirator training involves both video demonstrations and hands-on experience supervised by our certified technicians.    

Respirator training includes the following:

      • Respirator use in various breathing environments,
      • Self test procedures,
      • Visual inspection of the respirator’s condition,
      • Care and hygiene of the respirator
      • Hands on use by the employee
      • Opportunity for questions
      • A brief quiz by the trainer to assure adequate knowledge