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"My wife and I are both patients of Dr. Beiter. We have found him to be knowledgeable, efficient and honest in his service to us. By providing us with accurate diagnosis and proper hearing instruments, he has corrected a long time hearing problem and increased our quality of life. We highly recommend Dr. Beiter to anyone who has a hearing problem or has a need to protect their hearing."
- Carol and Hank Hiorns "

Our Clinical Audiology services include:

Evaluating hearing loss
Depending on the patient’s need, a basic pure tone hearing test or a full diagnostic audiological evaluation is conducted in a special sound-excluding test booth. The results
of these tests are explained to the patient in easy to understand terms.

Prescribing the latest technology in hearing aids
The technical terms and claims made by many hearing aid manufactures and some dispensers can be difficult to sort out. At CAA The Hearing Place, we prescribe only what you need based on your life style and price range, while always providing the best quality product in any respective category of instrument. 

Making custom ear molds for all listening devices
Custom ear molds are used in every listen device from hearing aids to special communication ear pieces used by federal agencies.  From iPods to hearing aids, we can most probably provide what you need.

Providing hearing related products
Hearing related products are used by people with hearing loss as well as those with normal hearing.  Products such as batteries, testers, amplified phones, noise/tinnitus maskers, swim plugs, musician’s earplugs and more are available.


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