Noise Measurement



Noise Survey


Noise Survey


Noise Survey

As part of our Industrial Hearing Conservation services, we conduct numerous noise surveys in manufacturing and other industrial facilities each year. Our extensive experience in regulatory compliance issues, worker’s compensation and medico-legal areas has refined our survey methods and procedures to best serve our clients. This experience also allows us to provide noise measurement services at considerable cost savings to our client

Legal Issues and LItigation

Our president, Robert C. Beiter, Ph.D., has measured sound levels in a wide variety of settings for legal purposes. The following are some examples:

  • Condominium noise
  • Zoning issue
  • Environmental noise
  • Amplified music and entertainment
  • Traffic noise
  • Construction noise
  • Vehicle interior noise
  • New product noise
  • Railway noise including locomotive cab
  • Educational settings

Medico-Legal Aspects of Hearing Loss

High levels of noise can cause permanent, irreversible hearing loss. The interaction of intensity (decibel level), exposure time and other parameters of sound are important factors in  determining if a causal relationship exists between sound intensity level and hearing loss. Dr. Beiter has extensive experience in obtaining noise measurements appropriate for the  medico-legal aspects of hearing loss.


Acoustic Isolation and Sound Reduction

Assessing sound levels before and after a construction project is essential to achieving desired goals.  Although we do not employee acoustic or design engineers, we can measure sound levels, including octave bands, to determine design needs and final acoustic achievements at the end of the project.