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Defending the Company

The Importance of Noise Measurement

1. Most workers' compensation claims for hearing loss will not result in payouts if noise survey data is available. This is because the vast majority of employees in manufacturing have average exposure levels less than niney (90) decibels. If the noise level is below 90, the claim is not considered work related.

2. Noise survey data is ONLY useful if...
a. obtained within two to three years
b. appropriate equipment is used to gather the data

The Importance of Follow-up
Hearing Testing

Comprehensive follow-up hearing testing most often reduces recordables by 50% or more.
Follow-up testing should include:

  • Audiometry (hearing test)
  • Tympanometry (middle ear testing)
  • Otoscopy (visual ear exam)
  • Audiologist review of results



Protecting the Worker

The Importance of Quality Training

Convincing the employee about the importance of their sense of hearing and protecting it requires special effort. We offer:

  • PowerPoint presentations
  • A new, refreshed theme each year
  • Live presenters

Failure to do so results in an ineffective program and an increase in OSHA recordable hearing losses.

The Importance of
Proper Hearing Protection

Even with training, foam earplugs are

  • often inserted poorly
  • uncomfortable (itch, too tight, loosen up, etc.)
  • provide minimal protection

The best ear plug is Custom Molded to the employee's ear. They provide:

  • a perfect fit
  • a consistent high level of protection
  • complete comfort
  • long lasting usage