On-Site Hearing Testing



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"For over 13 years, CAA has been our 'Go-to" for audiometric testing. Your staff and services are very professional and is reflected in the positive comments received from our work force."
- Bob Kozak, Tru-Vue Corporation

Our mobile unit is equipped to test up to six employees at one time, each at  independent test stations. Our audiometric technicians are certified by the Council for Accreditation in Occupational Hearing Conservation (CAOHC). All equipment is computer-controlled which assures accuracy and objectivity while allowing each employee the flexibility to be tested at his/her own rate. If needed, each audiometer can be switched to a manual mode, allowing our technician to conduct the test manually for individuals who have special hearing issues or are apprehensive during the test. 

The decibel levels inside the special sound treated test room are measured at each location to assure OSHA compliance.

Portable In-House Testing

(as an option to Mobile Testing)

A common misconception is that on-site hearing testing must be conducted inside a mobile vehicle. This is not the case and is not required by OSHA. For many companies, the option to conduct the testing inside their own facility is preferable due to efficiency, convenience and cost savings. Portable testing is conducted using the same computerized equipment as with mobile testing.

With Portable In-house Testing, we test two to four employees at one time. However, in special circumstances we can test up to six employees.

Before proceeding with this approach, we will come to your facility and measure the decibel levels in the room to assure that they are in compliance with OSHA. Most conference rooms, offices, and training rooms work out quite well.  


Follow-Up Hearing Testing

Follow-up testing (after the annual test)  is strongly recommended by OSHA for employees with a Standard Threshold Shift (STS) or whose hearing suggests the presence of a medical pathology of the ear. This testing is in the company’s best interest as it nearly always reduces the total number of STSs and the number of Recordable STSs. Because our follow-up hearing assessment is more  comprehensive than the annual test, our audiologists can determined if the outer or middle ear is involved and ear pathology is suspected.  When this is the case, the hearing loss can be categorized as not work related and/or due to a medical condition. A referral for a medical evaluation can then be made.

Although most mobile testing firms do not offer follow-up testing, CAA The Hearing Place  has been providing follow-up to our clients for over twenty five years.