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Custom Fit Hearing Aid | Over-the-Ear Fit Hearing Aids | Important Points to Remember

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Verbal communication is the most significant aspect of our auditory world.  Even a slight impairment in hearing is noticed and has significant effects personally, socially and at work.  Simply stated, precise hearing for speech,  is critical.

Modern digital hearing aids improve hearing better than ever and can be customized to your personal auditory needs. Plus, several styles are essentially invisible cosmetically.  

With over forty years of experience, Dr. Beiter and our staff audiologists have successfully fit hundreds of patients of all ages with hearing aids.

"I went to see Dr. Beiter at The Hearing Place in Oak Park to have one of my hearing aids fixed. He said it could be repaired, but that I should consider new ones because of the age of my aids and the many advances in new ones. My husband and I were impressed with Dr. Beiter’s knowledge when programing my new hearing aids. I now do not have to play the TV at high volume as I did for so long and I hear so much better in many ways. I have referred Dr. Beiter and The Hearing Place to other people I know with hearing problems." - Linda Dunning, Chicago, IL


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Styles of Hearing Aids:

Custom Fit

These instruments are custom shaped to the person’s ear and can be made in different sizes.     

Behind the Ear
Behind the Ear (BTE)
Behind the Ear
Mini BTE
Behind the Ear
Behind the Ear
In-the-Canal (ITC)

Behind the Ear
Completely In-the-Canal (CIC)

Behind the Ear
Invisible In-the-Canal (IIC)

Behind the Ear
Deep Canal










over the ear hearing aid

Over-the-Ear Open Fit

The most popular product today is the miniature, over-the-ear, open fit instrument (often referred to as a thin tube hearing aid).  Open fit refers to the fact that the ear canal is open (not occluded) to receive natural sound in addition to amplified sound from the hearing aid.

These instruments are physically comfortable, visually unnoticed and acoustically clean and natural.  They are especially effective for people who generally hear fairly well, but experience difficulty hearing speech adequately in background noise (restaurants, parties, etc).



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Important Points to Remember when Purchasing Hearing Aids

No one brand is far superior to another…in spite of what the manufacture or dispenser may say.

  1. The programming knowledge of the audiologist is more important than the brand of instrument.
  2. Pressure to purchase should never be part of the process of getting hearing aids.
  3. Trial periods are essential.