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The CAA Hearing Care Benefit Program

Exclusive to CAA industrial clients, the CAA Hearing Care Benefit Program provides hearing care services and products to CAA client employees and their familes at a substantial savings. The employee or family member pays for these services and products at prices far lower than available anywhere.

How is the program made available to employees?
Because you are a CAA client, your company’s employees are already eligible and can begin using this benefit immediately. There is no special sign up or registration. A special CAA flyer explaining the program is provided to the company for distribution to employees.

Are there administrative or management costs to your company?
No. All services and products are paid for directly by the employee or their family member, with no costs to the employer.

What are the advantages of the program for your company and employees?

  1. Employees feel positive about a benefit that provides substantial savings on personal or family hearing care needs. This is especially true when purchasing hearing aids.
  2. Most health insurance plans do not cover audiological serivces or hearing aids.
  3. The HCBP often makes up for increasing health insurance costs to employees, and especially for uncovered hearing care costs.
  4. This program also includes employee family members, offering them the same savings on products and services.

How do you start?
Distribute the "Employee flyer" (click to download)* to your employees. They and their family members can begin contacting CAA immediately to schedule appointments for examinations and products. They will be asked to identify themselves as an employee/family member of your company. As long as your company is an active client of CAA, this benefit program remains available.

*Note: Enlgish and Spanish versions are included in this pdf download.

Any Questions?
Please call CAA at 708-445-7171


The CAA Hearing Care Benefit Program
Information flyer for employees:
(this flyer is also available in Spanish -- see download link above)