Custom Earplugs and Earmolds


MUsician ear pllugs

With over 30 years of experience with many methods of making custom earplugs, our current process is the most efficient, economical and effective.

The process to make CMHPs takes a total of about 40 minutes including the paper work, production, and final use & training video. The production of the plugs is performed by a licensed Audiologist. At the end of the time, the individual leaves with a perfectly formed pair of custom earplugs that have been fitted and checked for comfort and a good seal.

Noise Reduction Rating (NRR)

The NRR is a published estimate (laboratory determined) of the number of decibels of protection from a hearing protector. The published NRR for CAA’s CMHPs is 28. As good as this number is, it is a general estimate of what should be obtained when using the plugs. The PAR (see below) is a far stronger and accurate determiner of the protection received.

Personal Attenuation Rating (PAR)

The PAR is an actual measurement (not an estimate) of the amount of protection received (in decibels) while the employee is wearing his/her ear plugs. The PAR provides documented proof of the amount of protection received when the employee is using his/her CMHPs.CAA can measure the PAR for each employee following the training video. Measuring (testing) the PAR adds about 10 minutes to the total time commitment and an additional cost of $10.00 to $15.00 per employee.


MUsician ear pllugs

Cost Comparison of Foam and Custom Earplugs

This hypothetical cost comparison example is based on the following:

    • $.20 per pair for foam plugs
    • 100 employees
    • Each employee using only one pair of foam plugs per day*
    • 21 working days a month (252 days per year)
    • $85.00 per pair for Custom Molded Hearing Protectors (CMHP)

Custom Molded Hearing Protectors (CMHP) have a life span of many years (varies with individual care). The chart below illustrates a company's average cost for each year of a four year example. After four years, the initial upfront cost ($7500.00) averages to $1875.00 per year. For foam plugs, the cost each year is $5080.00, totaling $20,160.00 after four years.

1st Year
2nd Year
3rd Year
4th Year
Total Over 4 Years

Foam Disposable 
$ 5080.00 
$ 5080.00 
$ 5080.00 
$ 5080.00 

Custom Molded
Hearing Protectors


*Using foam plugs at one pair per day, the fixed cost each year for 100 employees is $5080.00. The cost per employee doubles if two pair are used per day.
**The total cost over the four year example for CMHPs is about one third that for foam.

In this example, even if the cost of foam plugs was only 10 cents a pair, custom ear plugs would still save the company $2500.00 after four years!



Custom ear plugs

Swim Plugs

Our CMHPs make excellent swim plugs for children and adults as they very effectively seal out water from the ear canal. Plus, they FLOAT!


MUsician ear pllugs

Musicians' Earplugs

Musician’s earplugs differ from  standard earplugs as they are specially designed to reduce sound levels equally at all frequencies. This is essential to provide a natural sound quality to the user which is especially important for musicians. (Standard earplugs reduce high frequencies more than lows thus altering the quality of the sound.)    

CAA - The Hearing Place provides the Etymotic ER-9, ER-15 and ER-25 musician’s earplugs which are custom molded to the shape of the ear canal. 

Number of decibels of reduction from 125 Hz to 8000 Hz for ER-15 and ER-25

Name 125 250 500 1000 1500 2000 3150 4000 6300 8000
ER-15 -16.1 -16.4 -16.3 -14.4 -13.5 -12.6 -15.2 -14.3 -13.4 -19
ER-25 -20.0 -20.9 -23.3 -24.1 -24.9 -25.7 -26.8 -26.5 -22.7 -33


Custom ear plugs

Custom Earmolds

For communication and Listening Devices

Auditory communication and listening devices are being used more than ever before. Cell phones, two-way radios, telephone headsets, blue tooth devices, I Pods etc. are common place.    

Although these devices often come with a standard ear bud, comfortable hearing with them is often difficult, as sound is not channeled directly down the ear canal. Furthermore, ear buds are frequently not secure in the ear during head movement or extended use. 

Advantages of Custom Ear Molds for Listening

Improved audibility - Sound is directed down the ear canal
Secure in the ear - No more constant readjusting to get the best sound
Completely comfortable - Perfect for long wearing times
Reduces noise interference - Cuts out background noise


Custom fitted ear molds can be made at our office or at your location (depending on the number of molds needed).

Custom ear plugs

Custom Earmolds for Hearing Aids

Proper fitting ear molds and hearing aid shells are critical for good hearing and the prevention of feedback. Our audiologists have extensive experience with hearing aid fittings of various styles and brands .